Founded in 2006, Make Good Coffee is dedicated to helping people make better coffee at home.


Marc Wortman

My name is Marc Wortman and I love coffee. I love coffee so much that I've invested a lot of time into understanding what makes a good cup of coffee. Like you, I've had great coffee in my life and for the most part, found it was in upscale restaurants or in the homes of people who know coffee well. I couldn't help but wonder just what they had at their disposal that a regular kitchen did not, and how hard could it be to do myself.

All about Passion

This passion for coffee led me straight into research. It started with simple Google searches like "how to make good coffee", and led into much denser material, including expert books written by the greats on this subject. I was well on my way to becoming an expert myself.

Part of the challenge is that while I love my coffee, I have no culinary. For me, it's similar to wine where I love the stuff, but can't be too bothered knowing it as well as your everyday 'wine snob'. I simply wanted to know how to make the perfect cup of restaurant-quality coffee at home and how much investment is needed by the average person to do it.

The research suggested it's really not that difficult, and there are small steps that anybody can take that make big differences. I started to build this website to capture this information so that the average person could see how easily they could do it themselves. A little bit of knowledge can lead to a lot more, so I hoped a website would put me in touch with even more expertise on the subject.

Over the last little while, I've become a bit of a coffee snob despite my best efforts. I now join the ranks of those who admonish a flavorful Hazelnut Vanilla coffee ahead of a fresh cup of Guatemalan coffee. I've even eased myself out of cream and sugar so that I can properly enjoy a good coffee, but you'll see over the website how I defend those who add these to their coffee.

In fact, the way I make sure I never turn into a real coffee snob is by supporting any steps people take to flavor their coffee to taste. Coffee, after all, is the most popular beverage in the world and whatever people need to do to enjoy it the most is their business.

In Conclusion

I'm happy to know that you're making a better cup of coffee after visiting the site. Any money made from this website has been reinvested into my personal coffee life, the product of which is on this website so that you can learn what I'm learning. Together, we're all making better coffee at home.