Online Coffee Tasting Class

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We are hosting another online coffee tasting class!

In April 2020, we hosted what we believe was the first online coffee cupping class, from our San Diego roastery.  It was a great success, even catching on with some companies that are using us for team building with their Work From Home employees.  Our next event will have 40 attendees!

Click the image of my face below for an introductory video on how coffee cuppings work. We want you to enjoy the fun and experience of a coffee tasting.  No experience required.  Just show up online for a fun and informative coffee class.  Here’s how it works…

We send you three pre-ground samples before the class, marked A, B, and C.  We also email you the evaluation form you’ll be using to score and evaluate each of the coffees, and provide instructions on what to prepare ahead of time.  No special materials are needed.  If there are certain items you’re missing, we’ll let you know what you can use instead.

At class time, we all meet on Zoom and walk through the steps of a coffee cupping.  When it’s over, you will have scored and evaluated three different coffees.  You will learn how the senses of smell and taste can be developed to understand coffee flavor in more detail.  You will learn something new about coffee! The origin of the three coffees will be revealed at the end of the class.

Event Details
Sunday, September 20, 2020
11 AM PST (2 PM EST): Coffee cupping event
11:30 AM PST (2:30 PM EST): Coffee cupping Q&A

Get your coffee samples, admission to the event, and a FREE bag of coffee: click HERE.

Let’s have some coffee fun while we’re all at home!

Canada Day Open House

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Feel the excitement in the air? Canada Day is on Wednesday July 1st and we will be hosting an open house at our place on Hancock Street for all Canadians in San Diego and anybody who likes good coffee.

We have perfected our maple syrup latte after many arduous tasting trials.

Show us a Canadian ID and get a cup of fresh roast drip coffee on us.

Show us an American ID and sing the Canadian national anthem, and we’ll give you a BAG of coffee.

When: Wednesday, July 1st
Where: Make Good Coffee Co., 2110 Hancock Street, San Diego, CA

  • Please stay home if you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, such as cough, fever, difficulty breathing or shortness of breath.
  • Wash your hands first.  Please wash your hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer.
  • Social distancing must be maintained.  Maintain at least 6 feet distance from others.
  • See our posted restaurant operating procedures when you arrive so you can see how we are operating safely.

Online Coffee Tasting

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Most of the US is respecting stay-at-home orders so we can beat the spread of coronavirus and get back to normal.  We wish good health to you and your family, and thank you for doing your part.

At the Make Good Coffee Co., we have always promoted coffee education.  When we opened our coffeehouse next to the roastery, it was always our intention that it be as much of a “classroom” as a cafe.  We were especially excited to host coffee cuppings (or tastings) to expose coffee lovers to the wide wide world of coffee.

We simply didn’t think it was possible at this time, but after some brainstorming, we decided there’s no reason not to do it.  In fact, why not enjoy a hosted coffee tasting from the comfort of your home?

Want to learn more about coffee cuppings and how they work?  Check out this video:

How will our online coffee tasting work (US only)?  We will send you three pre-ground samples of coffee and email you the evaluation form, event admission, and some simple instructions on how to prepare for the event at home. The event will consist of two 30-minute Zoom meetings.  One meeting for the coffee tasting, the other meeting for Q&A with participants.  After the event, you will also receive a video link to a recording of both meetings so you re-watch them.

All that for US 10 dollars!  For US 20 dollars, you get all the above AND a voucher to purchase a bag of coffee of your choice from our full line-up.  That could be a coffee you ended up trying and loving during the tasting, or any bag of your choice.

Event Details
Sunday, April 26, 2020
11 AM PST (2 PM EST): Coffee cupping event
11:30 AM PST (2:30 PM EST): Coffee cupping Q&A

Get your coffee samples and admission to the event: click HERE.
Get your coffee samples, admission to the event, and a FREE bag of coffee: click HERE.

Let’s have some coffee fun while we’re all at home!

Make Good Coffee at Home

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Californians have been asked to remain at home and around the country, many are staying home voluntarily. Together we will get through this. 

It doesn’t mean you need to drink mediocre coffee at home.

We have implemented heightened health and safety standards and are stocked with green coffee waiting to be roasted. Click here for a summary of the measures we are taking for our online orders, our wholesale customers, and our retail coffeehouse in San Diego.

Want help picking a coffee you’ll love? Check out our Coffee Quiz. You answer a few questions about what you like and don’t like in your coffee and it recommends a variety for you to try from our line-up.

Check out our Online Store to explore the full line-up.

And what a great opportunity to talk about how to make the best coffee you can at home. We’re your experts! Let’s get dialogue going in the Comments below about what you have to work with in your kitchen and how to make the most of it. Ask us your questions. We’re here to make sure you make good coffee at home!

Stay safe, San Diego!

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We are open for takeout!  You can find us at 2110 Hancock St #100 where Old Town, Midtown, and Point Loma meet.

To remain safe and ensure the safety of our customers through this temporary period, we are implementing the following policies until further notice:

  • Frequent cleaning and sanitizing of all frequently touched surfaces and objects.
  • Diligent handwashing by both Colleen and myself.
  • Social distancing.  We will keep six feet distance from every customer.
  • We have removed our self-service condiment station so that we are handing out all items.
  • All of our food items are pre-packaged.
  • To-go orders only.  We have removed our seating and ask that you take your order to go.

We are offering a full espresso menu, a fresh brewed drip coffee, our cold brew on nitro, kombucha on tap, and an assortment of pre-packaged snacks and other eats.

Also, we are offering our full line-up of fresh roasted coffee by the bag to brew at home.

This too shall pass, San Diego.  We are adhering to all guidance from San Diego County, and remain open to serve the community.