Pour-Over Coffee Technique

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I had to post it.  There are coffee buffs like me that take pride in their Cuisinart Brew Central.  And then there are coffee buffs that I believe take pride in the amount of work they put into making their coffee.  It’s not that I think the pour-over coffee making method doesn’t make a quality cup of coffee.  It just has nothing in my humble opinion on the French press method, or even the traditional drip-brew method, of which it is simply a variation.

How does it work?  Pretty much like a drip-brewer except no machine and you pour the hot water yourself.  The video and tiny coffee-making robot are pretty self-explanatory.  The jist of it is that you place a filter directly over the cup, put the ground coffee into the filter, and then pour hot water slowly…and I mean SLOWLY…like one to four minutes for the proper amount of extraction of solids from the coffee.  Would you like to know a machine that does this for you automatically?  The drip-brewer.

Watch the video.  Let me know what you think.

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