Canada Day Open House

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Feel the excitement in the air? Canada Day is on Wednesday July 1st and we will be hosting an open house at our place on Hancock Street for all Canadians in San Diego and anybody who likes good coffee.

We have perfected our maple syrup latte after many arduous tasting trials.

Show us a Canadian ID and get a cup of fresh roast drip coffee on us.

Show us an American ID and sing the Canadian national anthem, and we’ll give you a BAG of coffee.

When: Wednesday, July 1st
Where: Make Good Coffee Co., 2110 Hancock Street, San Diego, CA

  • Please stay home if you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, such as cough, fever, difficulty breathing or shortness of breath.
  • Wash your hands first.  Please wash your hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer.
  • Social distancing must be maintained.  Maintain at least 6 feet distance from others.
  • See our posted restaurant operating procedures when you arrive so you can see how we are operating safely.

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