Our latest and greatest…Easter Blend!

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A good friend asked if we were planning an Easter Blend in our coffee cuppings at the roastery. After giving it some thought, we decided that Easter is an excellent occasion for a new blend. After all, it involves family getting together, and in some families, exchanging gifts. My friend was looking for an Easter gift idea, and we started getting to work on the Easter Blend.

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My hesitation was that Easter is a religious holiday, so what should the blend commemorate? We all know what the occasion represents religiously, so how did Easter become a celebration of family, chocolate, and rabbits? I did some research.

Let’s start with the Easter egg. It turns out that in the act of decorating eggs, the egg is meant to symbolize an empty tomb (never knew that!). The egg itself is a symbol for life and rebirth. The decorating of eggs started as the staining of eggs in red. The tradition of dying chicken eggs moved to plastic eggs and to chocolate in the shape of eggs. The tradition of the Easter Bunny emerged in the same vein as Santa Claus, where the bunny was a judge of what children were good enough to receive eggs at Easter.

Long story short…I put my mind at ease that an Easter Blend coffee is not sacrilegious :).

Our Easter Blend features a rich dark chocolate flavor. It is full bodied without being overly dark roasted, but still with a hint of smoke and also a hint of lively sweet acidity. The chocolate flavor notes were important to our cupping, and the complex flavor is meant to appeal to as many of your friends and family that will be enjoying it with you.

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We use USPS’ flat rate envelope for shipping, so the shipping cost is always fixed. For that reason, we recommend ordering two bags to spread the shipping cost over two bags instead of one. It also ensures you’re not ordering too much that will go stale before you’ve had a chance to enjoy it. For variety, consider selecting a different coffee from our Store for your second bag. Everything is roasted within 48 hours of shipping to you, and all US points are a maximum of three days away from our roastery in San Diego. The coffee will be delivered to you within a week of being roasted.

The Holiday Blend is back!

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It’s that magical time of year!  That time of year when we can start offering the Holiday Blend again.

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Last year, after many coffee cuppings and reformulations, we made a change to the Holiday Blend.  We wanted a coffee that appealed to a wide range of coffee tastes, and featured flavor notes that we associate with Christmas.

The feedback was so positive, the only shame was having to wait a year to offer it again!

Ladies and gentlemen, the Holiday Blend is back!  Dark roasted Colombian beans that maintain much of their berry sweetness, even as the darker roast adds a smooth smoky flavor.  Blended with medium-roasted high-grown Central American beans that add a lively acidity and a natural milk chocolate flavor.

Everything we ship will have been roasted within days of shipment, so you only get the freshest and most flavorful coffee.  We ship using USPS Flat Rate, and encourage you to purchase two bags (including mix and match with a different coffee) so that the flat rate $5.70 is divided over two bags instead of one.

Give the gift of Holiday Blend this year, or have some on hand when your coffee drinking friends of discerning palette visit.

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Happy holidays!

The Holiday Blend is Back!

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holidayblend2The holidays just wouldn’t be the same to me if I didn’t start every day enjoying a cup of coffee with family or friends.  It’s as ingrained a tradition for me as opening gifts on Christmas morning.

Last year, our Holiday Blend was a big success.  I couldn’t roast it fast enough, and the feedback was amazing.

But there were developments in the last year that made me worry as we approached this holiday season.  Two of the ingredients of last year’s Holiday Blend each became unavailable as they’re not grown in enough supply that a coffee roaster can always count on there being inventory.

Over the last several weeks, I’ve been evaluating many different blend combinations and possibilities for this year’s Holiday Blend, using the coffee cupping process.  You can see just one of the cupping forms in the image to the left.  Each possibility was evaluated, and described in terms of its flavor characteristics.  I wanted to capture as many flavors as I associate with the holidays, namely chocolate, spice, a full body, and a natural sweetness.  In short, it had to be a coffee as good as or better than last year’s Holiday Blend!

unnamed (1)

And behold…the Holiday Blend from the Make Good Coffee Co.!

A combination of dark-roasted South American beans to give the coffee a full body and chocolate flavor, with medium-roasted Central American beans for a touch of acidity, or “spice” on the end.  The coffee also has a natural berry sweetness perfectly balanced in the blend so not to be overwhelmed by the dark-roasted beans.

The Holiday Blend is shipping this Friday, December 2, 2016.  Get some for the coffee-loving person in your life.  Or, get some for yourself so you can be the star of the holiday party.  Or, just get some for yourself!

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Make Good Coffee Co.!

Slightly Aged Coffee – You Can’t Afford NOT to Try It

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coffeepyramidThis image of the “coffee pyramid” is something I first saw online last year.  Everything below the Specialty line is the coffee you’ll typically find, stale and kind of flavorless.  As I wondered whether or not the world needed another coffee roaster, this picture motivated me.

One of the challenges with roasting coffee, as with anything perishable, is roasting enough so that I have it nice and fresh for you when you order; while not roasting too much.  My commitment to you is that when purchase from Make Good Coffee Co., the coffee will have been roasted within 3 weeks of shipping it to you.  You can verify this when you receive your coffee, because I personally hand-write the Roast Date on each label.

If I roast too much coffee, I reach a point where I simply can’t charge full price for all of it because I’ve missed my own standard of only shipping coffee roasted within the last 3 weeks.  It’s meant harassing friends to take it, putting some in my freezer, or worst of all, throwing it away!


Don’t make me put more coffee in my freezer or throw it away!  I’m now offering Slightly Aged Coffee.

Here’s how it works.  When you order Slightly Aged Coffee, I’ll send you coffee that I’ve roasted within the last 3-5 weeks.  Does it mean it’s not good?  Absolute not!  Let’s go back to the pyramid image above.  Imagine that Slightly Aged Coffee is sitting just beneath the Specialty line.  In other words, coffee that I’ve roasted in the last 3-5 weeks is still fresh and MUCH better than most of what you’ll find.  It’s CERTAINLY better than anything you’ll find at a grocery store, Costco, or restaurant.  It’s just that I didn’t roast it within the last 3 weeks, and for that reason, can’t charge full price for it.

When you order Slightly Aged Coffee, specify in the comments section if there is a particular coffee in my line-up that you’ve tried and like, or one that you think you’d prefer.  If I have that particular coffee roasted within the last 3-5 weeks, that’s what I’ll ship you.  Otherwise, I’ll ship you something similar roasted in that timeframe.  Bottom line: you’ll get a great coffee at a great price.

We ship using the USPS Flat Rate Padded Envelope.  I encourage you to order two bags at a time, to split that flat rate cost over the two bags.

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The Holiday Blend is here!

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holidayblend2I’m so happy to announce that the Holiday Blend is ready!

I was excited to make the Holiday Blend because coffee is a big part of the holidays and my family tradition.  Every year that I spend the holidays with my parents, the day starts with a coffee.  And just as ritually when dinner is done, somebody puts on some coffee.  It’s always such a happy time in my life, that the coffee should also be good.

Coffee blending is about bringing different coffees together that create a balanced flavor that none of the individual coffees have on their own.

But it doesn’t stop with deciding what coffees will be in the blend.  It’s about experimenting with different ratios of those coffees until you’ve produced something unique that meets your goal.  My goal was to capture all the qualities I associate with the holidays, and create a coffee blend with those flavors.

After much trial and some error, I finally made the coffee that I dreamed of making…the Holiday Blend!

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What can you expect?


First of all, I wanted a coffee that would appeal to a lot of people.  A Holiday Blend should be shared with others over the holidays, so I gave careful consideration to what would appeal to more people.  For example, I don’t mind a strong acidity but not everybody likes it.  I don’t mind a “dirty” aftertaste, but not everybody feels that way.  If a characteristic came up that I thought would divide coffee drinkers, then I removed that coffee from consideration and kept blending.

This blend of Central American and East African coffees captures the flavors I wanted, including an overall sweet and rich flavor, a chocolate and caramel aroma and flavor, a short but sweet aftertaste, and full but smooth body.  I didn’t stop blending until I found it!

The Holiday Blend from the Make Good Coffee Co. is ready for you to share with your fellow coffee lovers over the holidays, or to give as a gift to the coffee lover in your life.  I ship with the US Post Flat Rate Envelope, so for a flat rate $5.70, two bags of coffee will fit in the envelope.  Buy two bags of the Holiday Blend, or mix and match the Holiday Blend with another coffee from our line-up.  The coffee is not delivered with any visible pricing, so you can give it as a gift to that special coffee lover.

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Happy holidays from the Make Good Coffee Co. to you and your family!