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Find the perfect coffee match for you at MakeGoodCoffee.com – for when you’re ready to find the coffee love of your life.

 Alright, that was my last eHarmony joke!  After months of development, I give you the MakeGoodCoffee.com Coffee Quiz, an interactive four-question quiz that matches your coffee preferences to a couple suggestions of coffee that you should try.


Why did we need this Coffee Quiz?
For years, I’ve been suggesting that you buy your coffee from a professional roaster, to ensure the most freshness and flavor.  Whether that roaster is a small local roaster in your area, a large-scale roaster with many locations, or an online roaster that ships you fresh coffee, these are all better options for great coffee than your grocery store or coffee pods.  A while back, a regular to the site asked me for a primer on the different coffees of the world, to make the trip to the roaster less daunting.  After all, there are a lot of options, and too many if you don’t know where to start.

greenwellcoffeeforsale2How does the Coffee Quiz work?
Coffees from many different origins from around the world were quantified in terms of their ideal Roast Level, Consistency or Mouthfeel, Acidity, and unique flavor accents.  You choose your preferences in each of these four areas, and the Quiz recommends a couple origins of coffee that best match your selections.  It’s meant to do two things.  One, to suggest some coffees to you that you will likely enjoy, based on your preferences.  Second, to make you comfortable walking up to a big wall of coffee, either physically at a local roaster or virtually at an online roaster’s site, and making a selection.

The main reason for the Coffee Quiz is that it doesn’t exist anywhere today.  Here at MakeGoodCoffee.com, we want you to make better coffee at home.  It starts with the coffee that you buy.  If you don’t buy fresh coffee or coffee that’s suited to your unique preferences, the rest of the process can only help so much.

Find the coffee that’s right for you.  Try our Coffee Quiz.

Welcome to the new and improved MakeGoodCoffee.com!

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Not under new management, though :).

After an obvious shortage of blog posts in the last couple months, I am so happy to show you what’s been going on behind the scenes.  You are looking at the new face of MakeGoodCoffee.com.  Here are four reasons why that is exciting:

coffeequiz     1) Check out the Coffee Quiz, where we ask four simple questions about what you like and don’t like in your coffee.  Based on your replies, we match you up with a couple coffee-growing regions whose coffee we think you should check out.  It’s like the eHarmony of coffee.  Just think, if you end up in a long-term relationship with the coffee we recommend for you, the two of you might be in our TV commercial one day.

2) We have brand new content, on Coffee Sustainability.  You love coffee, so why not take a few minutes and learn a little more about it.  We don’t think enough about where coffee comes from, and the conditions that our hard-working coffee farmers live in.  Take a few minutes.  Get informed.

3) A nice, clean new look.  The last look of the website was turning into a bit of a Frankenstein, with new features and content piled on top of the existing stuff.  We tore it all down, and rebuilt it in a way that is meant to be easier to look at.  It’s an information website and you come here to learn something new, so we wanted to make it easy to read.

4) Finally and further to the above point, the content has been reorganized in a way that just makes more sense.  Check out the menu above that organizes all of our content in an easy, logical way.

In the days and weeks to come, bear with us while we tweak things here and there until it’s perfect.  I was so excited for you to see what we’ve been working on -and feeling guilty over the lack of new content over the last two months- that we just had to unveil it.

Bookmark us.  Come back.  Come back often.  Make better coffee at home than you’ll find at any restaurant.  I’ll be back to posting at least weekly.  It’s good to be back!

The Coffee Survey Results Are In!

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I truly can’t say enough to thank you for the support.  I received so much more participation than I was expecting in the recent survey.

For literally months, the survey was written but I was hung up on what incentive to give people to encourage them to participate.  That incentive led to questions of contest rules and laws, and use of trademarks if I was going to offer prizes.  And then, it hit me…make the survey short and ask that you simply help me make the site better by telling me about your coffee.  If you find the site informative and beneficial, help me make it more of both of those things. 

And you did, with overwhelming support.  Thanks again!  I thought it would be fun to give an overview of the survey results, and compare them to my own personal answers.  This website and blog have long been a reflection of where I’m at in my coffee life – let’s see where we’re all at together.

1. Where do you buy the coffee that you make at home?
An overwhelming majority indicated the grocery store.  Less than half of you indicated that you buy coffee from an independent local roaster, which is where I buy 100% of my bulk coffee.

2. When you buy coffee, how long will it last you?
This one was a mixed bag.  There was almost a perfect split between those buying a month’s worth of coffee or more at a time, and those buying coffee for 2-3 weeks at a time.  I fall into the latter category – I always aim to have a pound from each of two different roasters at any given time, and a pound will last me a week.

3. What kind of coffee do you buy?
Here again, an almost even split between ground coffee and whole bean coffee.  A very small number of you indicated that you buy pod coffee – in fact, more of you drink instant coffee than pod coffee.  The only times I’ve ever had ground coffee was as a gift.  For maximum freshness, I buy my coffee in whole bean form and grind only as much as I’m about to brew.

4. How many cups of coffee do you drink in a day?
A big majority of you drink between 2-3 cups a day, with few of you in the same category as myself of 4-5 cups a day.

5. How do you grind your coffee?
When you add how many of you are buying your coffee pre-ground, or instant, or in pods, the majority of your coffee is already ground when you buy it.  There was an even split between those of you using a propeller grinder, and those using a burr grinder.  My coffee bar consists of a burr grinder, but I always have a couple old propeller grinders on hand as spares.

6. How do you make your coffee?
The responses here were very well spread out, which was very interesting.  Many more of you use an espresso machine or stovetop espresso maker than I was expecting.  I wasn’t surprised to see the drip brewer as the top method – it really is the most convenient way to make good coffee.  My personal favorite, the press pot, came in second in your responses.

7. What do you add to your coffee?
A big majority of you add dairy to your coffee (cream or milk), but not necessarily sugar.  Much fewer of you add nothing to your coffee than those who add sugar.  It took me many years, but I’m finally a purist – straight black coffee for me.

Thanks again to everybody who participated!  I intend to use the survey results to better tailor the site and blog to this feedback, so that it is as beneficial and worth your time as I can make it.  Please don’t hesitate to send me your thoughts and ideas by email.  I always enjoy hearing from you with your questions and comments.

Answer 7 Questions – Tell me about your coffee!

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I’d like a little less than five minutes of your time.

MakeGoodCoffee.com has grown in many ways in the last six years, but the vision has always been the same.  To improve the coffee that you make at home.  When I look back on my own coffee-making, I see that I’ve come leaps and bounds, in what I learn and share specifically over this website.

I never want to take for granted what you would like to learn and read about when you come to this site.  Here’s your chance to help me help you.

Click this link and you will be transported to a seven-question SurveyMonkey survey.  The purpose?  To tell me a little more about the coffee that you make for yourself at home.  What will I do with this information?  Make sure that I am tailoring the site and blog’s content to the things that you want to know.

Seven questions.  Less than five minutes!  Help MakeGoodCoffee.com be better.  Click this link and fill out the quick survey.  I sincerely thank you for taking the time.

The 7 Golden Rules of Good Coffee

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My brother was telling a friend about this website.  His friend challenged whether all the extra work that goes into making great coffee was worth it.  My brother’s response was that it takes a surprising little extra work, and I’ve emphasized the same here.  It takes only little steps to make big impact on the flavor in your cup. 

And once you’ve had great coffee, you’ll wonder why you drank bad coffee for so long.

When my brother told me this story, I realized it was time to revisit the site’s Golden Rules of Good Coffee.  That page of the site had grown organically over time, adding updates as they came to mind as important.  It was time to make it concise.  Below are the Seven Golden Rules of Good Coffee.  Visit the Golden Rules of Good Coffee for more elaboration on each rule.

I say it on that page, and will say it again here.  How many of these rules that you follow is entirely up to you.  The more you follow, the more you will notice a difference in freshness and flavor in your coffee.  If you ever doubt it, go to 7-Eleven afterwards and buy a coffee there.  It will help you appreciate the importance of these little tips.

Golden Rule #1: Get your coffee from a professional roaster

Golden Rule #2: Buy your coffee every 1-2 week

Golden Rule #3: Buy your coffee in whole bean form

Golden Rule #4: Use a burr grinder

Golden Rule #5: Keep your coffee beans in an airtight container at room temperature

Golden Rule #6: Invest in a French Press or a good drip brewer – your gear is as important as your coffee

Golden Rule #7: Keep everything clean


Visit the Golden Rules of Good Coffee for more elaboration on each rule.

A new friendly look at MakeGoodCoffee.com

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I’m excited to see the site’s new look and I hope you enjoy it now and as it continues to develop.  All of the information was moved over from the previous format so nothing is lost, but reorganized in a way that was intended to make your navigation of the site easier and more logical.  You’re also looking at a radical change in color scheme and hopefully you find it easier on the eyes than the site’s old black and dark brown scheme.

Keep checking in as we get more and more great content and coffee deals up on the site.  If you’re making better coffee at home, we’re doing our job.

Gift Ideas in Time for the Holidays

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I’m pleased to have published two new sections of MakeGoodCoffee.com:

  • Coffee Gifts
  • Coffee Subscriptions
  • In time for the holidays, the Coffee Gifts section is meant to give some good ideas to the gift buyer shopping for the coffee lover, or better yet, ideas for you to suggest to those shopping for you. In reviewing the different coffee vendors, I found the Starbucks Store best for Gift Packs.

    First of all, they offer as much as a 33% savings on the same items they sell in their retail stores if you buy it from their website. Secondly, the online Store has a larger selection than most standalone retail locations.

    And introducing Coffee Subscriptions, or recurring delivery of coffee right to your door. These plans allow you to specify a delivery schedule of coffees of your choice at what frequency you want them delivered and in what quantities. Or, trust in the vendor’s pre-arranged selection of their best coffees, and you just decide how frequently you want them delivered. It makes delivery of great coffee automatic so you just set up the schedule and sit back while great coffee is delivered. I found the infamous Peet’s Coffee to be head of the class with their convenient Peetniks Coffee Club. I have personally used Peet’s to set up “coffee tours” for both family and myself personally, so I can vouch for the quality of their Customer Service and just as importantly, their coffee and how fresh it arrived.

    Looking forward to your feedback, either here or by e-mail.

    Howdy, coffee lovers!

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    Stay tuned.  My name is Marc Wortman and I am dedicated to making the perfect cup of coffee at home.  Here, I will answer questions you send me by e-mail or ask on the Ask Marc page, I will keep you posted on my own home coffee adventures, and I will update you on what’s new with the site.  Together, we will learn to make the perfect cup of coffee at home.  Let’s turn our kitchens into coffeehouses!