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roastmayjuneI was fortunate to be living in Portland, OR last year when it hosted the Specialty Coffee Association of America‘s annual summit.

Dave Cook, owner of the Fire Roasted Coffee Company and Habitual Chocolate, was travelling to Portland for the show, and planning to travel on to Hawaii from there to meet coffee and cacao farmers.  Despite some resistance that almost got in the way, I jumped at the chance to join him.  It was no choice at all.  Origin trips are an amazing way to gain an even deeper appreciation for coffee, by meeting the people that make it possible and learning about it at its source.

Around the same time, I had interviewed Connie Blumhardt, founder and publisher of Roast Magazine.  It was Dave that had first introduced me to the magazine.  Although it is written primarily for the professional roasters of the world, even as a coffee lover, I found it a fascinating read.

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The two events just kind of came together…in the latest issue of Roast Magazine, you’ll find an article written by myself and David, talking about our origin trip to Hawaii, and what we discovered while we were there.  Specifically, an infestation that has hit Hawaii and its coveted coffee in the form of a tiny beetle that is decimating coffee crops.

Click on the image above or click here to see a preview of the article.  And if you come across this issue of Roast, pick it up and give it a read.  The article is full of lots of great shots that Dave took while we were there, and the information itself will be of interest to coffee roaster and coffee lover alike.

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