Christmas Post #5: Peets Major Dickason Blend

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Happy new year, everybody!

Here is my last of the posts about coffee this Christmas.  I mentioned “stealing” a pound of Kenyan coffee from my parents’ Peetniks coffee of the month membership.image-3078950-10416819 It wasn’t the only pound I rerouted and had shipped to my address instead of theirs.  But where I might have stolen that pound of coffee, it was only after I realized I’d be hosting them this Christmas that I had the following pound in their plan delivered to my house as well.  It arrived as they did…and lucky for me, it was Peets Major Dickason Blend.

This blend is the pride of Peets.  In their words, “Combines the best coffees from the world’s premier coffee-growing regions. Very full-bodied, complex, rich, and smooth.”  The blend is named after a retired army officer of the same name who was a regular customer at Peet’s original retail location.  Together with the founder of Peets, they sampled coffees from all over the world before settling on the blend recipe that today bears his name.

The most interesting part is that with many customers associating this very blend with Peets, they treat it as their “11 herbs and spices” so I can’t tell you much about the origin of the coffees making up the blend.  I will tell you that you have to try a pound of it, it’s that good.  It is heavy-bodied which I don’t mind in a coffee, and a middle of the road acidity that many coffee drinkers will appreciate.

This Christmas, we went through more of this than of any other coffee.  A shame for me, it means I’ll have to buy more…or steal another pound of it from my parents :).

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