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Question: “To make coffee is a “baking” Tablespoon the correct measure for 6 oz of water. How does the “baking” Tablespoon compare to a coffee measure spoon or scoop? Thank you.”  – Judith M McVey

Answer: Judith, that’s a VERY good question.  And because I didn’t know the answer with certainty, I consulted with the folks at  Where I recommend one heaping tablespoon of coffee beans or one level tablespoon of ground coffee per serving of brewed coffee, I am referring to the “coffee scoop” and didn’t think to compare it to the baking tablespoon.

According to, the coffee scoop represents a 1/8 cup or TWO baking tablespoons.  There might be something I’m missing because I just compared my own coffee scoop with a baking tablespoon and they were the exact same size.  So unless somebody can correct me, the answer to your question is that one coffee scoop = one baking tablespoon and you should use one of those full of coffee for each serving of brewed coffee.

I hope that helps.

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