Colombia Excelso is here!

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IMG_0846Why Colombia Excelso?  I wanted to add a coffee to the line that everybody would like.  Think of it like Pearl Jam’s album Ten…you can put it on for a mixed crowd and everybody likes it (unless they don’t like music).

I’m pleased to announce the latest coffee from the Make Good Coffee Co.…our Colombia Excelso!  The coffee that you can put on that everybody will like.

While not the world’s largest producer of coffee, Colombia is one of the most recognized, particularly because of the iconic Juan Valdez character.  Colombian coffees have a universal reputation for delivering a rich taste, a balanced overall flavor, a lighter acidity, and a full body.  It’s a great coffee that everybody can agree on.

The Excelso designation makes reference to the size of the bean, with excelso beans being slightly smaller than Colombia Supremo beans.  Now, you have an icebreaker to use when you serve this coffee :).

colombiaIt was a lot of fun getting this coffee and roasting it eight ways to Sunday until I was happy with the final product.  I’m roasting it a medium-dark to develop as much of its flavor as possible without giving it a burnt taste.

Click here to order some Colombia Excelso.
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We can put two bags of coffee in the USPS Flat Rate Envelope, so the flat rate cost gets split over two bags of coffee instead of one.  Enjoy!  Make good coffee.


  1. The Marc’s Premium coffee is in the top 5 best coffees I’ve ever tasted. On top of my opinion, when I served this coffee to my friends, they commented on how good it tasted without knowing it was a special brew. When you have several unsolicited opinions come together, like that, you have something special. Well done.

    Comment by Michael — December 18, 2015 @ 9:54 am

  2. Michael, I can’t thank you enough for these comments. I’m so glad you could enjoy this coffee, and with friends. Happy Holidays!

    Comment by Marc Wortman — December 18, 2015 @ 1:12 pm

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