Does cream make weaker coffee lighter?

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Question: Hi Marc, I had a debate with my brother over whether strong or weak coffee looks creamier/milkier when cream or milk is added. I said it gets creamier looking when strong, he said weak. Could you resolve this issue? I haven’t had a chance to test it, as I don’t like to waste my grounds on making weak coffee. Thanks. — Kevin M. Lee

Answer: Good question, Kevin. The strength of coffee is a measure of how many ‘coffee solids’ the hot water extracted from the ground coffee. A strong coffee extracted more coffee solids leading to a darker coffee in the cup and so I am inclined to agree with your brother than the same amount of cream added to two cups of coffee will make the weaker coffee lighter in appearance. Once stirred, the coffee is a product of what’s in the cup and by appearance only, the cream is contrasting with the amount of coffee solids dissolved in the water.

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