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georgehowell     At CoffeeCON 2013, I had the good fortune to meet and interview coffee giant George Howell.

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I presented George with the following scenario and asked him for his thoughts on how to help coffee lovers find the coffee that’s right for them:

“Suppose I am a coffee drinker.  I walk into a roaster’s shop.  Up until this point, I’ve only been drinking supermarket coffee.  I walk up to the wall of coffee, but don’t know where to begin.”

George responded outright that the coffee lover needs help, there’s no doubt about it.  When George talks to such a customer, he’ll ask what they’ve tried, what they liked, how they drink their coffee, where did they buy it, what kind of wine do they like, what kind of coffee maker do they use?  According to George, you have to think about the road that they’ve been on and where to take there from there.

And with what George said next, I had to let him know just what we were working on here at  George said, if you could create a form that they could fill out, you could use the information to make a good guess.  Start them with a single origin, because George hardly has any blends.  George wants a website where the consumer identifies what they want, and the website guides them to a coffee.

That’s when I let George know that we were working on just such a tool.  And that tool is complete.  If you haven’t already, check out the Coffee Quiz.  You answer four simple questions, and the quiz directs you to an origin of coffee that you should try based on your answers.  Take the quiz and tell us what you think!


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