How A Coffee Professional Makes Good Coffee

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georgehowell     This year, I was fortunate at CoffeeCON 2013 to meet and interview coffee pioneer George Howell.  George was the founder of the Coffee Connection in Boston, which was acquired by Starbucks as a means of entering the Boston market.  He remains a leading coffee expert, and is also the founder of the George Howell Terroir Coffee Company.

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I asked George something I like to ask every coffee professional I meet: how do you make your own good coffee at home?

My motivation to ask this question…the amount of human effort and dedication that goes into coffee from source to somebody’s home can all be for naught in the last five minutes that it’s handled.  A coffee professional understands this, so if I can make coffee the way that they do, I know I’m making it right.  George gave me three pieces of advice, and I’ll elaborate on where you can learn more here on

1) Get the brew time right. Learn more about different brewing methods at our Brewing Coffee page.

2) Get the grind right. Just as important.  The type of brewing method you use dictates the ideal grind type you should be using.  Learn more about Grinding Coffee.

3) Get the ratio right.  The ratio of how much coffee and water to use depending on how much coffee you’re making.  This is a very popular question that often comes up, and that I’ve written about a few times.  Check out these blog posts to learn more:
– The “Scientific” Ratio of Coffee to Water
– Coffee to water ratio – answering the question of how much coffee to use
– I’m Confused, How Much Coffee Should I Use?


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