How to Make Good Cafe Mocha

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I launched this website as an information resource for people to learn to make better coffee at home.  I knew it would help me get better and better at making good coffee at home, and through sharing what I learned, hopefully help you too.

What I didn’t expect, but what didn’t totally surprise me, is the love and interest in chocolate that came along with it!

From all of the similarities they share in where they are grown, the care that goes into preparing each one, their history, and flavor, coffee and chocolate are married.

I knew I had to get wise on how to make a good cafe mocha, that one drink that truly brings the two flavors together.

chocolatenut    Check out the newly revamped page on Cafe Mocha Recipes, how to make a good cafe mocha at home.

This page shows three different ways that you can do it, depending on what you have to work with.

1) With an espresso machine.  The authentic Cafe Mocha is made with espresso-brewed coffee.  If you have such a machine, you’re in business!  If you don’t, then read on because there are still options.

2) Make a cafe mocha from coffee.  If you can make coffee at home, then you only need a few extra ingredients to turn it into a mocha.

3) Quick and easy easy ways to make mocha. Six different tasty recipes that are easy for anybody to make.  Or, you can keep paying $5/cup at your local Starbucks :).

Click here for Cafe Mocha Recipes.  Or share your recipes! Click here!


  1. Here’s my copycat starbucks cafe mocha recipe. After trying to duplicate using all kinds of online advice, I finally nailed it. ; )

    Comment by jamie — December 16, 2016 @ 10:30 am

  2. Thanks for sharing. Years ago and when I had an espreso machine, I spent weeks perfecting my versino of the Frappuccino.

    Comment by Marc Wortman — December 27, 2016 @ 3:32 pm

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