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On a recent trip to Atlantic Canada, I stumbled upon Canada’s first Fair Trade coffee roaster, Just Us Coffee.  Roasting between 1-2 tonnes of coffee each day, they may also be Canada’s largest roaster.

While there, it just seemed right that I pick up a cup of fresh brewed coffee to go as well as a pound of one of their signature blends.  I like a medium-dark roasted coffee.  There is a certain amount of the natural flavor of coffee (and caffeine) that you lose with excessive roasting, but there’s also a distinct flavor that the roasting process itself adds to the coffee.

So, I settle on a medium-dark roast, not Starbucks dark but not the lighter brown medium roasts either.  In that category, Just Us Coffee had a few selections, including a Mocha Java blend and a couple of their own signature blends.  I went with the one they call their Jungle Blend.

Just Us Coffee’s Jungle Blend is a blend of different Latin American and South American coffees.  As they put it on the package: “A zing of Central America with the sweetness of the Andes.”  The challenge for any good blend is to ensure different flavor characteristics complement each other so that the combination delivers what no single coffee accent can, without certain accents from one part of the blend overpowering others.

The Jungle Blend delivered!  I found it mellow enough but full of flavor that I would recommend it for any coffee drinker.  It has a lot more character than a Mocha Java and it could be because I’m so partial to Latin American coffees that I like it so much.  I would serve this coffee to anybody, whether a casual coffee drinker or afficianado with particular tastes.  It’s a great blend with complementary flavor accents.

Click here to learn more about how to order Just Us Coffee from their website.  You get a pound of Fair Traded coffee at a lower price than you would pay for free-traded coffee from one of the big chains, fresh-roasted too.  I will be making a point of returning to Just Us Coffee the next time that I’m in the area.

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