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I am a member of the Peetniks Coffee Club.  This is a recurring coffee delivery program where I get a pound of coffee delivered to me in intervals of my choosing – in my case one pound every four weeks.  The coffees I get are also up to me, or I can leave it to the experts to decide what I get.  Each pound arrives with the date that the coffee was roasted by Peet’s so I know I’m getting it fresh.

The Peetniks Club is offered by Peet’s Coffee and Tea.  I have my favorite coffees but leave the selection up to one of their Coffee Tours.  This week, I received a pound of their Ethiopian Fancy.  I have yet to receive a coffee from Peet’s I didn’t like and this one is no exception.

As far back as we can trace, all coffee originates from Ethiopia, exported from the Arab world to the rest of the world through ports in neighboring Yemen.  For many, Ethiopian coffee is still the finest coffee in the world and certainly there’s the intrigue of drinking coffee from its origin.  For a time, internal strife in Ethiopia had an effect on the consistency and quality of coffee out of that region but that has changed greatly over time.

Ethiopian coffee has a medium body, so neither too thick nor too thin.  It’s fully of very “bright” flavor, with high tones and sometimes described as the world’s most distinct.  The beans used by Peet’s in this coffee are meant to deliver a floral almost perfumed aroma common to coffees from this region.

While not formally certified, Peet’s Ethiopian Fancy coffee is also organically grown.

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