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I was very fortunate recently to receive a couple half-pounds of whole bean coffee as a gift from a dear friend.  The coffee comes from Planet Bean Coffee, a worker co-op and coffee roaster based in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.  The name was immediately familiar, because another friend who lives in the area told me about them last year.  Specifically that he had sampled coffee from many different suppliers, and chose Planet Bean as the only coffee he would serve in the food services unit that he manages.

I was treated to a half pound of Planet Bean’s Morning Glory blend, and a half pound of their Freedom Fighter blend.  Both delicious, and together covering a nice roast range between medium and dark.  All of Planet Bean‘s coffees are roasted on-site, and the company is a clear champion of Fair Trade Organic coffee.

First of all, you can see the labeling steps I need to take while I work my way through my current coffee overstock – click for a Tale of Too Many Coffees.  But, it’s a must, these are all great coffees so I need to keep them straight.

The Freedom Fighter blend on the left is clearly a dark-roasted coffee.  If you like your coffee dark (without the burnt flavor you get from some places), this one has a full body and is full of flavor.

The Morning Glory blend on the right is a mostly medium-roasted coffee with some dark beans mixed in, which you can hopefully see in the picture above.  I’m used to roasters keeping the roast consistent, so this has been a fun one to try.  There is definitely a nutty flavor from the medium-roasted beans and a “bold” accent from the dark beans that doesn’t overpower the medium-roasted beans.

I hope to learn a lot more about Planet Bean in the weeks to come. Their website shows they are a very interesting roasting business, with a sense of community and responsibility for coffee growers and the people that work within their operation to make it a success.  Learn more about Planet Bean Coffee.

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