Rob Zombie launches line of…coffee?!?

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Move over Krusty the Klown, there’s a new face in shamelessly attaching your name to whatever you can.  Stealing a page from Gene Simmons’ book of marketing, Rob Zombie, founder and former singer of White Zombie, has announced a new line of coffee called “Rob Zombie Coffee”. 

You can pre-order now for shipment from the Rob Zombie distribution center on December 27th.  Rob is offering two coffees from his kitchen: Rob Zombie Organic French Roast, and Rob Zombie Organic Peru.

I will hand it to Rob, he made the right decision and clearly didn’t write his own product descriptions, and whoever is bagging this coffee for him is bagging Fair Trade coffee. 

But if there was any doubt that he isn’t somehow directly involved in this new product launch, he has clearly named the coffees himself, calling them the Hellbilly Brew and using very scary fonts on the labeling to describe Peru and French Roast.

Think I’m joking?  See for yourself.  And sorry, but no bundling discount if you combine a purchase of coffee with Rob’s line of Total Skull t-shirts, cardboard Halloween masks, or the often-backordered Mummy Pendant.

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