Slightly Aged Coffee – You Can’t Afford NOT to Try It

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coffeepyramidThis image of the “coffee pyramid” is something I first saw online last year.  Everything below the Specialty line is the coffee you’ll typically find, stale and kind of flavorless.  As I wondered whether or not the world needed another coffee roaster, this picture motivated me.

One of the challenges with roasting coffee, as with anything perishable, is roasting enough so that I have it nice and fresh for you when you order; while not roasting too much.  My commitment to you is that when purchase from Make Good Coffee Co., the coffee will have been roasted within 3 weeks of shipping it to you.  You can verify this when you receive your coffee, because I personally hand-write the Roast Date on each label.

If I roast too much coffee, I reach a point where I simply can’t charge full price for all of it because I’ve missed my own standard of only shipping coffee roasted within the last 3 weeks.  It’s meant harassing friends to take it, putting some in my freezer, or worst of all, throwing it away!


Don’t make me put more coffee in my freezer or throw it away!  I’m now offering Slightly Aged Coffee.

Here’s how it works.  When you order Slightly Aged Coffee, I’ll send you coffee that I’ve roasted within the last 3-5 weeks.  Does it mean it’s not good?  Absolute not!  Let’s go back to the pyramid image above.  Imagine that Slightly Aged Coffee is sitting just beneath the Specialty line.  In other words, coffee that I’ve roasted in the last 3-5 weeks is still fresh and MUCH better than most of what you’ll find.  It’s CERTAINLY better than anything you’ll find at a grocery store, Costco, or restaurant.  It’s just that I didn’t roast it within the last 3 weeks, and for that reason, can’t charge full price for it.

When you order Slightly Aged Coffee, specify in the comments section if there is a particular coffee in my line-up that you’ve tried and like, or one that you think you’d prefer.  If I have that particular coffee roasted within the last 3-5 weeks, that’s what I’ll ship you.  Otherwise, I’ll ship you something similar roasted in that timeframe.  Bottom line: you’ll get a great coffee at a great price.

We ship using the USPS Flat Rate Padded Envelope.  I encourage you to order two bags at a time, to split that flat rate cost over the two bags.

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Learn more about Slightly Aged Coffee.

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