Sometimes bad is good

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When it comes to fully appreciating something like a nice coffee, sometimes it’s worth taking a step back in quality. Then you’re reminded how good you have it. This week in a moment full of panic, I woke up to find I was out of coffee beans. I had to drink my coffee out of a cafeteria that day.

I used to drink cafeteria coffee all the time. I can’t say I ever noticed a difference between the blends they advertised, but it was drinkable with enough cream and sugar. And a Hazelnut flavored coffee should be hard even for a cafeteria to screw up. As time’s gone on, my standards have increased but gradually. Only this year did I stop putting cream and sugar in my coffee. I drink coffee every day several times a day, so it’s easy to take the quality for granted. It wasn’t until I was forced to drink cafeteria coffee that I realized just how good my own coffee is.

There, a silver lining.

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