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Bodum 8-c. Chambord Coffee PressQuestion: “Mark – I really enjoy your web site. You don’t start with the premise that “good coffee requires an investment of $10,000” which makes is really fun to read and relate to!

Question on the French Press, my primary method right now: it seems to me that there’s no real point in “upgrading” a French Press, that they all work pretty much precisely the same. Unlike a drip coffee maker which has so many brands and variations, a french press is a french press – you just press down. Am I missing something? Interested in your perspective. Thanks!!!!

– Monte Mallin

Answer: Monte, I really appreciate the email, and the nice words.

The French Press is my favorite method of brewing coffee, and you hit every reason that I feel that way.  Simple, effective, no need for bells and whistles.  I’ve got good news: you’re not missing anything.  Keep enjoying great coffee!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the French Press, or Bodum, or press pot method of brewing coffee, click to learn more.  To summarize this brewing method, you steep your coarse-ground coffee in hot water for four minutes, and then “press” the ground coffee to the bottom of the pot so that everything above the filter is nothing but great coffee.

 Bodum 12-c. Chambord Coffee PressOf your choices for brewing coffee that require a little more work than the drip brewer, I find the French Press to be the most simple while still producing amazing results.  A great and consistent cup of coffee every time.  The image at the top of this post is the Bodum 8-cup (roughly 4 servings of “mugs” of coffee).  The best price and service that I know for getting this coffee maker online or retail is from Cooking.com at $39.95. 

If you’re used to making full pots of coffee, the image to the left is the Bodum 12-cup, available from Cooking.com for $59.95.  You can click either image for more information, or either of the links below:


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  1. Thanks for responding. I love your enthusiasm for coffee, and as I noted, your non-elitist attitude is great.

    Keep up the good work! Keep having fun! And yes, FP seems to be the way to go.

    Comment by Monte Mallin — October 2, 2012 @ 1:31 am

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