Starbucks learns to relax

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We might be in for longer waits at Starbucks in the months to come.  According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, Starbucks management is advising baristas at all locations to slow down and not try servicing people so quickly.

The feedback from customers to the Seattle-based company was that they have reduced the fine art of being a barista to a mechanized process that might as well be coffee from a push-button machine.

In response, Starbucks tested changes at pilot locations and after positive feedback, have decided to make the new rules effective for all locations by the month of November.  What are the new rules?…

– Baristas cannot make more than two drinks at once, and can only start making a second drink as they are wrapping up making the first.
– A whole pot of milk cannot be steamed at once anymore to save time in making several froth coffees in a row.  Milk must be steamed individually for each drink.
– The espresso machine can only be used to make one drink at a time.

Starbucks is going for a more “handcrafted” experience, as well as to allow baristas to connect with their customers.  It’s tough to comment on because while it’s a more romantic experience to know that a trained barista is focusing on my drink and my drink only, I don’t know that it will translate to a better drink in the cup.  And as far as attachment with customers, I’m only a sample of one but I don’t need a love connection with my barista.  Just take my $5 and give me my cup of coffee.  That might sound harsh but in a cafe that already has the longest wait time of them all, wait times are about to get longer with these changes.

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