The average person drinks…

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…22 gallons of coffee per year (US stats). This is according to a marketing company that paid to have the research done covering the year 2000 which I decided shouldn’t be markedly different in coffee consumption from today.

The first thing I asked myself was how I compared to the average person. Not the average coffee drinker, but the average person. I’m down to 4-5 cups of coffee per day (mugs of coffee, not metric cups). I make 8-9 metric cups per day and there are four of those in a liter.

So if I drink 2 liters of coffee per day, then I drink 730 liters of coffee in a year, or 193 gallons. This shouldn’t be too far from the truth. After all, I really drink 2.25 liters of coffee per day if I make 9 cups, but I rounded down. And that’s how much coffee I make just to take on the challenges of a regular day. On days where I didn’t get enough sleep the night before or just feel like having an extra coffee, it’s probably more.

So the average person drinks 22 gallons of coffee per year, and I drink 193 gallons. In fact, I’m probably pushing 200. That’s huge.  I suppose I should be very interested in the coffee-health studies I usually ignore.

Now, I’m interested in how much coffee is consumed by the average coffee drinker. That would probably be a more reasonable comparison for me. All I know by this is that I drink almost ten times as much coffee as the average person!

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  1. To figure out how you compare to the average person, let’s assume there are two metric cups in a mug of coffee. Four cups in a liter. 3.78 liters per gallon.

    1 mug (cup) : 2 metric cups : 0.5 liters : 0.13 gallons

    How many “coffees” do you have in a day? Multiply it by 365 days in a year. Multiply that by 0.13 gallons.

    Average person: 22 gallons

    Comment by Marc — February 28, 2010 @ 1:29 am

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