The Holiday Blend is here!

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holidayblend2I’m so happy to announce that the Holiday Blend is ready!

I was excited to make the Holiday Blend because coffee is a big part of the holidays and my family tradition.  Every year that I spend the holidays with my parents, the day starts with a coffee.  And just as ritually when dinner is done, somebody puts on some coffee.  It’s always such a happy time in my life, that the coffee should also be good.

Coffee blending is about bringing different coffees together that create a balanced flavor that none of the individual coffees have on their own.

But it doesn’t stop with deciding what coffees will be in the blend.  It’s about experimenting with different ratios of those coffees until you’ve produced something unique that meets your goal.  My goal was to capture all the qualities I associate with the holidays, and create a coffee blend with those flavors.

After much trial and some error, I finally made the coffee that I dreamed of making…the Holiday Blend!

Click here to buy the Holiday Blend.
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What can you expect?


First of all, I wanted a coffee that would appeal to a lot of people.  A Holiday Blend should be shared with others over the holidays, so I gave careful consideration to what would appeal to more people.  For example, I don’t mind a strong acidity but not everybody likes it.  I don’t mind a “dirty” aftertaste, but not everybody feels that way.  If a characteristic came up that I thought would divide coffee drinkers, then I removed that coffee from consideration and kept blending.

This blend of Central American and East African coffees captures the flavors I wanted, including an overall sweet and rich flavor, a chocolate and caramel aroma and flavor, a short but sweet aftertaste, and full but smooth body.  I didn’t stop blending until I found it!

The Holiday Blend from the Make Good Coffee Co. is ready for you to share with your fellow coffee lovers over the holidays, or to give as a gift to the coffee lover in your life.  I ship with the US Post Flat Rate Envelope, so for a flat rate $5.70, two bags of coffee will fit in the envelope.  Buy two bags of the Holiday Blend, or mix and match the Holiday Blend with another coffee from our line-up.  The coffee is not delivered with any visible pricing, so you can give it as a gift to that special coffee lover.

Click here to buy the Holiday Blend.
Click here to visit the Make Good Coffee Co. Store.

Happy holidays from the Make Good Coffee Co. to you and your family!


  1. Exciting times for Make Good Coffee! Congratulations Marc on the successful launch and being able to develop this seasonal blend in such a timely manner. Speaks to your determination and imagination. See you soon, and… bring some coffee pal!

    Comment by Jacques — December 15, 2015 @ 4:12 pm

  2. Thanks, Jacques! It’s already been so much fun working the coffee roaster, and tasting a thousand different coffees until we nailed the Holiday Blend. Looking forward to you trying it!

    Comment by Marc Wortman — December 16, 2015 @ 12:20 am

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