Marc Chooses Peet's

By my standard, your top online coffee club for recurring coffee delivery is Peet's Coffee & Tea. There is regular incentive for you to sign up with Peet's Peetniks free of charge, usually a shipping discount or free gift. They offer coffee tours (Peet's Coffee Tours) with pre-selected picks, or let you customize as you wish. You can check the status of your next scheduled shipment in your account access online. Peet's Peetniks FAQ is easy to find if you have any questions about their program. Finally, a toll-free number for Peet's Peetniks members only for quick and personal customer service by phone.

About Peet's

I have personally used Peet's Coffee & Tea both for setting up recurring coffee delivery for myself, and as a gift to others. Peet's Coffee & Tea has a number of advantages over other coffee vendors. First, they ship internationally, which I need for some of the coffee lovers I know. Second, they have been a world-class coffee retailer since 1966.

A Personal Experience

To relay a personal experience with Peet's Coffee & Tea, I purchased Peet's Coffee Tasting Tour as a Christmas gift for somebody living in Canada. When the first pound of the Tour got lost in the Canadian postal service, I contacted Peet's Customer Service, who re-shipped the same pound free of charge and without any questions. Since then, they have shown in every instance of customer service, a same-day e-mail response and little wait time by phone.

More About Peet's

You can read more about how Peet's stacked up against other coffee vendors in our Coffee Vendor Report Card. You can also check out an unbiased consumers review of Peet's Coffee & Tea against our Report Card criteria. Finally, you can see Peet's for yourself.

Peetniks - You Make the Selection

Peet's renowned coffee club is called Peetniks. With this option, you decide the Choice of Coffees. To reiterate, you will need to know different kinds of coffee and the coffees of the world. Naturally, you also customize your own Frequency of Delivery and Start Date as well.

To encourage you towards this program, Peet's offers the following benefits:

  • 15% shipping discount.
  • A free gift, which at the time of writing, is a FREE half-pound of Peet's Holiday Blend coffee.

Peet's Coffee Tasting Tour - Let Them Decide

If your coffee subscription is a gift for a coffee lover, and you're not sure what specific picks to make, OR if you simply trust that Peet's Coffee & Tea will only include their finest coffees in a pre-selected arrangement, trust in the Peet's Coffee Tasting Tour. It doesn't require any research on your part. Peet's has done the research for you, and ships you a pound of great coffee every time.

At the time of writing, the Six-Month Classic Tasting Tour is $74.00, and includes six pounds of coffee. That's a little more than $12/lb versus most local coffee shop prices of $16/lb. At these prices, you save over $20 and give a great gift of recurring gourmet coffee delivery. Included in the Coffee Tour (with links so you can read our descriptions of these coffees):