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My name is Marc, and I love coffee. I've been blogging about coffee for nine years, and making better and better coffee at home as a result. It's been my dream to become a coffee roaster, and I'm so excited to announce that the Make Good Coffee Co. roastery will be opening soon in San Diego, California.

In the months and years to come, I'll be providing amazing coffees not only to San Diego, but to coffee lovers all over the world right here on

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The Make Good Coffee Co.

11088567_10155354604320177_7501788383911123885_nI couldn’t be more excited to share the news with you!

For nine years, I’ve been blogging about coffee here on  In fact, I was blogging before I knew what the word meant.

When I started this website, the goal was simple: write about how to make better coffee at home.  I love coffee and it’s been a regular part of my life for more years than not.  I knew that by writing about coffee, it would put me in touch with people who knew way more about it, and that would make me smarter.  By continually sharing what I learned, my coffee game would improve, and hopefully yours would too.

Inevitably, this coffee adventure put me in touch with one of the groups of people who make coffee a reality for us.  The people to whom coffee is a craft.  The coffee roaster.  In all of my travels, I would find the local coffee roaster, set up an interview, learn about him, and learn about what makes great coffee great.

Nine years later, I’m ready to open my own coffee roastery and share my passion for coffee, and all that I’ve learned.

coolingbinThe Make Good Coffee Co. will be based in San Diego, California.  I have a lot of work ahead of me, and I can’t wait!  The roastery will serve the San Diego coffee market from my retail shop, and I will make all of my coffees available to all of you no matter where you live, right here over the website.  Stay tuned!

I have always enjoyed turning an interest into a passion.  Coffee roasting will be no exception.  In fact, I expect I will devote more of myself to this craft than I have to anything else.  My goal is nothing short of being the best roaster in San Diego, and I will stop at nothing to continue learning and improving.  I want to know coffee roasting as well as it can be known.

There is lots more news to come.  If you’ve been coming to the website in the last nine years, I hopefully don’t need to tell you how exciting this is for me.  The next chapter is beginning, and it will be the best one yet!


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