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How to Make Good Coffee When You're Moving

3dbeans     Several years ago and after much trial and error, I finally cracked the code on how to make good coffee when you’re camping.

This week, I am moving from my apartment in downtown San Diego, formally known on Foursquare as San Diego’s Best Coffee.  Forgive me, I don’t like Foursquare, so I have fun with it.

When I first moved to this apartment from Portland, Oregon, and before the delivery of my precious coffee bar gear, I was without for a whole week.  It reminded me of when I first moved to Portland from Canada, and went for more than a week without the ability to make good coffee.  In both cases, I had to rely on mediocre local coffee stands with their bankers’ hours.

presspotI decided this time, I would prioritize making good coffee, and wouldn’t you know, it isn’t that much different from my advice for when you’re camping.

As I type this, I have both apartments, the old and the new.  There is some touch-up and last steps needed before I fully move to the new place although most of my things are already there, and until then, I’m in the old apartment with the basics only.  Here is how to make good coffee in a situation like this:

- French Press: While I’m ‘camping’ out in the old apartment, I have electricity and water, and that means a working stove that can boil.  This is not only a great way to make coffee, but an incredibly simple one.

- Good coffee: Of course.  I usually have two good coffees on hand at any given time.  One of them has been moved with everything else to the new apartment.  The other is on hand here at the old apartment.

- Grinder: The burr grinder stays with me.  I thought about shipping it to the new apartment and using one of the propeller grinders that I keep on hand for an emergency, but there’s no need.  A burr grinder is not a large kitchen appliance.  This is a variant on the camping advice, where there is no power (although a fire to boil water) in which case I would grind all of the coffee that I need in advance.

travelmug- Travel mug: That way I’m ready, whether I’m on the run to rent a steam cleaner, or sipping it here.

Folks, that’s it.  For my third move in as many years, I’m finally enjoying good coffee.  Whether you’re camping, moving, or simply preparing good coffee for yourself at home, the guidelines of making good coffee are not complicated.  You simply need to do a little planning in advance, and make coffee a priority.

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